Software companies produce various solutions. However, you need consultancy companies that provide effective services to successfully implement these solutions. With the experience gained in a variety of industries, IBSS offers many services, from system support to business analytics and licensing.

Competitive edge requires right decisions based upon accurate and instant data. Make the right decisions with IBSS Business Analytics.

You can improve your corporate agility, customer satisfaction and competitive edge with applications that gather accurate data and ensure that such data are turned into meaningful information. However, you need meticulous planning and a high-quality project for the integration of these applications.

Taking advantage of the consultancy services provided by IBSS, you can quickly adapt to the changing market dynamics thanks to the perfect integration of industry-specific solutions in areas such as energy, telecommunications and retail. You can increase customer satisfaction rates with special services, while also strengthening your presence in the digital world. You can make all decisions based upon accurate and instant data with business intelligence, reporting and predictive analysis services as well, thus ensuring high efficiency in your business processes.

Working with an expert, reliable and experienced solution partner in the process that starts with the conceptual design stage and continues until going live guarantees that your business analytics applications bring you the success you seek.

Thanks to IBSS’ rich experience in various industries, qualified consultants and the trust it builds in its customers, technologies such as reporting, budgeting and predictive analysis turn into competitive edge for companies.

Phases of a successful project
  • Conceptual Design

    Taking into consideration the industry you perform in and the needs specific to your business, IBSS separately draws the sketch of the current status and the targeted structure and performs a comprehensive needs analysis.

  • Application Development

    After the needs are finalized with IBSS competency and experience, the most appropriate solutions is offered. Then, a time schedule identifying the application order of these solutions is created and all developments are performed in accordance with this plan.

  • Testing

    The applications are first tested by the IBSS team and then by the end users, then the errors are remedied.

  • Going Live

    After the tests, new IT solutions that will turn into a success story for your business are implemented live. With the services it provides in the process prior to going live, IBSS gives you the opportunity for a smooth live process.

  • Support in Live Usage

    IBSS continues to provide support after the system goes live and solves the problems that the users in your business may encounter, particularly in the stage of getting used to the new system.

  • Project Management

    One of the most important elements in the process from the conceptual design to going live of successful projects is the project management. With an effective project management in each step of the work, the project can be realized in the correct way, in compliance with the purpose and scope, within the planned time and budget. In other words, project management by IBSS means that throughout the process our expert consultants and you are in control.

To update your technologic infrastructure because of changing needs, benefit from IBSS Support Services.

As the rules of the game change, technologic infrastructures require updates to continue their digital lifecycles. The support you need for development is right by your side with the experienced and qualified team of IBSS!

IBSS sets a higher standard in efficiency by integrating your new needs emerging in the post-project internal support process into the current services. This way, the needs that emerge after the system goes live are no longer challenges. All kinds of demands and change requirements you may have in accordance with your business targets are meticulously assessed by IBSS and included in your current system after they are turned into a form that will provide the greatest benefit to your company within the framework of certain methodologies. If this demand opens the door to a deep-rooted change, it can also be designed as a brand-new project.

If you need regular data transfer and data update between different systems, leave it to IBSS and guarantee always up-to-date data.

Systems that go live successfully must be supported by regular data updates. If data updates in IT systems such as data warehouse and reporting are not made accurately, the validity of the information displayed by the users logging in to the system and the reports to be prepared are jeopardized. Particularly in industries with rapid cycles and high number of product items, incomplete or delayed data can cause interruptions in critical processes. The regular monitoring of data transfer requires discipline and labor.

Within this scope, IBSS undertakes the workload and regularly monitors and controls your data transferred to the data warehouse. With this service that provides unique competitive edge for numerous industries where data currency is of critical importance, you will experience the advantage of using current data in your systems every moment. This way, your IT teams will be able to focus on the areas to be improved, instead of the problems concerning the system.

Receive licensing and maintenance services of your information technology solutions from a single point and smoothly with IBSS.

The licensing of your products and solutions not only meets the legal requirements but also includes the maintenance and updating services applied in case of any error/need for help.

IBSS has the authority to license and perform maintenance for the analytics products in the SAP portfolio.

By receiving end-to-end licensing and maintenance services from a single vendor, you can focus on the maximum efficiency you will get

With the outsourcing services of IBSS, you can focus your workforce on your own area of expertise and ensure cost efficiency.

Information technologies is an industry where keeping the qualified employees at hand is the most challenging. Therefore, finding new talents, including them in the team and keeping them at hand requires workforce and material resources focused on this purpose. Ensuring the continuity of the competence of your IT teams, balancing your costs and managing the adaptation process of newcomers requires serious effort.

Within the framework of outsourcing services, IBSS positions its consultants directly at your company. IBSS consultants, who are part of an expert team, deliver the necessary solution by keeping in touch with this strong team when you have a problem.

Also, the updates and changes in the IT infrastructure are much more accurately identified by IBSS consultants. Since our consultants know your infrastructure very well, the integration process is significantly facilitated.

The cost savings earned through outsourcing, which is a continuous service, is directly reflected on IBSS’ customers. This way, when you benefit from outsourcing service, you can experience the assurance of entrusting the IT infrastructure to reliable hands and experiencing the best cost and performance in the projects.

The way to maximize the efficiency of systems lies in training. Turn your investment into maximum benefit with the trainings provided by IBSS’ expert staff.

Training processes, which are of great importance in business analytics applications, are presented to three different groups of users by the expert trainers of IBSS.

  • End User Training

    If you are a professional working with SAP screens, you can use the systems more efficiently and without help as a result of the trainings we provide on getting to know the business applications and using them more efficiently.

  • Key User Training

    If you are a key user of business analytics, managing the analyses that will provide benefits in critical business processes, you can achieve important advantages in the performance of your business with the trainings we provide. You can resolve numerous problems without affecting other users and produce alternative solutions that can be used in current structure by quickly assessing new demands. This helps your company by reducing dependency of your IT teams on external support.

  • Application Development Training

    If you want to customize the applications in SAP’s strong Business Intelligence solution portfolio according to your own needs, you can attend our application development training. Those who receive this training can work as system developers instead of just users. They can collect demands and make required changes without external support.

Universal standards for Business Analytics reporting and presentations, known as IBCS (International Business Communication Standards), are successfully implemented by certified consultants of IBSS in Turkey.

As the basis of communication, the notion of language operates within the framework of certain rules and standards. For example, musicians, engineers, geographers and architects have standard rules to put notes, circuits, maps and buildings on paper. This way, any musician anywhere in the world can always play the same song by looking at the notes or every architect can draw plans in accordance with certain standards. Certain standards must be applied in communication and application processes of not only these areas but also in all works performed professionally. Thus, the whole structure can be implemented in harmony and within the framework of a single system.

However, we see that there is no common language in the corporate world, particularly in reports. Reports and presentations are prepared at every company with different standards and sometimes with no standards at all. As a result of this, these reports do not create the desired impact, the time and effort spent to create the report or presentation are wasted, and there is the risk of taking decisions based on incomplete information.

Yet, the standards (International Business Communication Standards – IBCS) developed by the International Business Communication Standards Association (IBCS-A) contributes greatly to the standardization of business communication process. These conceptual and visual standards for business communication aim to create an international common language. With global recognition, IBCS also brings much-required standards to the area of Business Analytics, which is highly critical and requires meticulous work.

IBCS aims to identify the international standards of business communication. Rolf Hichert, accepted as a guru in this area, established the IBCS-A association to offer the standards he has created In many years of hard work.

IBCS consists of 7 sets of rules collected under 3 categories, namely Conceptual Rules, Perceptual Rules and Semantic Rules. The first letters of the sets of rules under these categories summarize the road to “SUCCESS”.

1.   Conceptual Rules
Conceptual rules help to relay content into an appropriate story and are inspired by the scientific works of Barbara Minto, the world-famous consultant. These rules include the following:

  • SAY – Convey a message

Since the purpose of reports and presentations is to convey a message, there should be a structure that describes the message clearly, supports it with data and visualizes it. Data that do not carry a clear message are called statistics, not reports.

  • STRUCTURE – Organize content

The content must be organized logically. The grouping must be consistent, complete, non-repetitive and homogenous.

2. Perceptual Rules
Perceptual rules focus on supporting the message and the content with the visual design most appropriate for the purpose. They have been created based on the works of Edward Tufte, the well-known statistician, Stephen Few, consultant and trainer, and Gene Zelazny, visual communication expert.

  • EXPRESS – Choose proper visualization

Charts, graphics or diagrams that facilitate understanding the message must be chosen.

  • SIMPLIFY – Avoid clutter

All complicated, unnecessary, distracting or decorative elements such as backgrounds, frames, 3D effects and multiple colors must be removed from the report. The report or presentation must contain no visual elements that do not contribute to the content.

  • CONDENSE – Increase information density

It is required to display the components of the content on a single page, using small but understandable objects.

  • CHECK – Ensure visual integrity

All visual elements must be used properly. The report or presentation must not contain inaccurate scaling, distorted visuals or misguiding values.

3. Semantic Rules
Semantic rules aim the use of the same writing rules throughout the content. This rule set has been identified by the works of Rolf Hichert, President of IBCS-A and a leading expert in open corporate reporting, as well as by IBCS-A.

  • UNIFY – Apply semantic notation

Everything that means the same must look the same and anything that does not mean the same must not look the same. These rules are valid for all content pieces such as terminology, measurements, emphasis, headings and analyses.

These international standards not only provide a common language for businesses, but also contributes greatly to IT teams, business analysts and managers that play a key role in the decision-making mechanisms. These contributions can be summarized as increasing quality, saving time and costs. Coca Cola İçecek, Redbull, Philips, SAP Headquarters, and Lufthansa are among the companies that benefit from these advantages.

The founders of IBCS

Dr. Rolf Hichert: Dr. Hichert, the President of IBCS-A and a leading expert in open corporate reporting, created the idea of IBCS and developed its writing rules. In addition to being a founding partner of MIK GmbH, he is also a professor of controlling at Eberswalde University of Applied Sciences on Control and the General Manager of MIS Switzerland AG. In 2004, he founded HICHERT+PARTNER (currently HICHERT+FAISST).

Dr. Jürgen Faisst: Dr. Faisst, who has been working with Rolf Hichert for more than 20 years, is the person who promoted IBCS to the world. As the General Manager of HICHERT+FAISST, he has adopted the mission of ensuring that business analysts from all over the world benefit from IBCS.


In addition to bringing standards to the industry, IBCS-A also delivers trainings on the implementation and effective communication of these standards. IBCS® WITH SUCCESS seminars offer certification of international validity in terms of reporting and presentation standardization. The main goal of this certification is defined as presenting universal design standards for more effective (written) reports and (oral) presentations.

IBCS seminars in Turkey are organized with the contribution and expertise of IBSS. Specialized especially in business analytics, IBSS creates a difference in corporate consultancy services by promoting IBCS in our country and leading the way in standardization.

IBCS-certified IBSS consultants provide all trainings, corporate consultancy and technical consultancy services to businesses. Thus, in addition to offering high quality, fast and reliable consultancy services to businesses on business analytics, cloud solutions, training and licensing, IBSS also becomes an important business partner providing added value to IT teams in business analytics reporting and presentations.