About us

With its competent team of consultants and intense industry experience, IBSS provides solutions that meet the IT requirements of the digital age. There are new trends such as Digital Business Processes, Big Data, Advanced Business Analytics, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), and the Internet of Things and these trends increase the amount and diversity of data exponentially. Companies that want to accurately manage the resulting data analysis needs and to turn such data into decision-making outputs improve their processes with digital solutions with the consultancy of IBSS since 2016.

IBSS creates a success story at each project by ensuring the necessary flexibility and scalability to meet the increasing requirements and to help you respond to the expectations of today and tomorrow as your grows in line with your success targets. IBSS is there for you in all end-to-end IT requirements – from the conceptual designs of digital transformation project to application trainings!

IBSS also performs as the Turkish business partner of International Business Communication Standards (IBCS), which is an international association for standardization of reporting and presentation processes. 

With its deep methodology knowledge, know-how on conceptual process, extensive documentation, and communication capability achieved in more than 100 projects with the leaders of different industries from multi-national companies to domestic leaders, IBSS promises success to its customers.

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Creating a Difference

Universal Standards

We, as IBSS, put our signature under projects that are compliant with globally accepted universal reporting standards. Using designs compliant with IBCS interfaces, IBSS is the pioneer and center of the most successful applications in this area in Turkey.

Long-Term Cooperation

The secret of success in Business Analytics solutions is to get to know the businesses where the solutions will be applied. IBSS, in addition to knowing the industries and businesses it serves, also builds long-term cooperation with its customers. In short, IBSS becomes one of you.

Only Analytics

Having partial knowledge on every subject or developing in-depth expertise in certain areas? As IBSS, we believe in the importance of expertise and devote all of our energy to Business Analytics only. As a result, we achieve the most successful results even in the most complex and comprehensive projects.

Team Spirit

IBSS team works for you as one of you, reflecting the internal team spirit and energy to your business. The dynamic, experienced and sincere IBSS team always maintains its enthusiasm, focuses on customers’ benefits and attaches priority to their satisfaction.

A Brief Look at Success Stories
Customers know best!

IBSS replied our requests with fast and reasonable solutions with their open-minded approach to change and innovation. In addition to carrying out the existing works, they also proactively brought different solutions. We are happy to have worked with IBSS team that fully reflects team spirit.

Nevra Özhatay
ÇİMSA General Manager

The IBSS team worked one on one with our users and acted in accordance with incoming requests. Such an efficient process enabled us to get results more easily.

Mehmet Ensari
Bursagaz Information Technologies Manager

It is very important that IBSS completes projects on time and comes with the right solutions. However, beyond this, the fact that they understand us and provide tailor-made solutions, sympathize with us and work as a team member is very valuable.

Hakan Uçar
Koton IT Director

IBSS has proven to be the right choice in terms of correctly understanding the needs of our company, meeting our expectations proactively and displaying successful management in the project process.

M. Fatih Güçlü
Sunexpress Finance Director

IBSS is an SAP consultancy company that we have been working with for a long time. We already know their expertise in SAP reporting solutions; we worked with them smoothly in SAP BPC project as well.

Aysun Salmanlı Şengür - Mehmet Uçansoy
Gap Güneydoğu Tekstil Budget Planning and Reporting Director - Çalık Holding Information Technologies Project Manager

IBSS is no longer just our business partner and IBSS employees are not just our consultants anymore. They are friends that will partake in our future projects and IBSS is like a unit of ours, managing these teams.

Kahraman Dinçer
Kayserigaz Information Technologies Manager

By using technology, we realized a project that will create added value for the group. Establishing a budget discipline and controlling expenses have been among our most important gains.

Mehmet Gökalp
Bursagaz Commercial Deputy General Manager

The young and dynamic IBSS team always displays a solution-oriented approach, captures team spirit and plans processes that add value.

Şebnem Gürler-Oakman
Unilever Europe SAP Systems Director

We are cooperating with a team that knows our processes and decision-making mechanisms very well. Expertise in business analytics has been another factor for us to prefer IBSS for consultancy services.

Nurettin Türkoğlu
YEDAŞ General Manager

The successful results of the wide-scope SAP projects IBSS has carried out with companies of similar scales has been influential in our decision.

Sevgi Büyükdere
Şişecam Group IT Application Development Management – IT Application Expert

We selected IBSS for their strong references and successful dashboard applications. Our projects started with Resim İstanbul and will continue with CRM reporting.

Cüneyd Gülüt
Ortadoğu Group Strategy and Business Development Director

In addition to providing technical support, IBSS also contributed to the experience of our team in this area. In the future, we will be happy to work with IBSS again in similar or different projects.

Mehmet Nuri Soydan
Havelsan Project Manager

We chose IBSS because of their focus on business intelligence, project preparations and the trust they built. The benefit we obtained is a proof that we made the right decision.

Halim Özcan
THY OPET SAP Coordinator

IBSS is an SAP consultancy company with various projects that we have been watching closely. They have successfully guided us in this project both with their experience in SAP solutions and their expertise in analysis and implementation.

A. Vahap Yeroğlu
ALBTelecom CIO

IBSS showed ultimate care starting from the pre-feasibility works, adopted a methodological approach and had profound experience. We knew we made the right decision by working with this team.

Erdinç Ödül
Akçansa Information Systems Project Management Chief

In addition to the SAP BPC expertise in energy distribution projects, IBSS’ support during the project has been very valuable to us. With such experience and valuable consultants, IBSS will achieve success not only in SAP BPC projects, but also in all platforms.

Salih Şenyurt
Aras EDAŞ Information Technologies Coordinator
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